For Andrew MAC

I have  got a comment  about  a  trip to Erevan and Dilijan.  At first, I thought  it was a  SPAM, but when I read it, I became so  sad. Andrew  from Wien wrote to me about his bad trip to Dilijan. He told how they had poison food which caused vomiting and bad feelings.

It is his comment to my post about  Armenian  videoclips, which were  done in Dilijan.We have been to Armenia on a very short  trip lately, including Yerevan and Dilijan cities. We had very good experience in Yerevan with the hotel we had booked in advance.

In Dilijan, we stayed in Dili Villa B&B where we had poison food which  caused vomiting and bad feelings. We didn’t manage to see the  doctor  in Dilijan as we didn’t trust the hospital available and because of  the language problems. Our trip to Armenia was spoiled because of  the cheap hostel we stayed in.

Unfortunately  they widely advertise the hotel  in the internet under the website and that is the way we have found them !

We feel sorry, unsatisfied, to find such hostels operating in Armenia. We are sorry to disturb with our email but such conditions wont make any traveller happy !”

At first I want to tell Andrew that we have many good doctors in Dilijan, I lived here 16 years. I want to tell that we have many good  hotels in Dilijan, where you may have a good time.

These are most popular and qualitative hotels in Dilijan. I hope you want to go to Dilijan again and have a good time in my native town and one of the best cities in Armenia.

Me and The King TREE in DILIJAN

P.S. This post I sent to Andrew’s mail.

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  1. Albert Lakshmi says:

    We have recently been to Armenia, the land of old culture and heritage. My family and I spent the best holiday ever, until we left to Dilijan city for a 3 day tour !
    The troubles started with the hostel we stayed in Dili Villa B&B, where our kids had troubles from the food, vomiting and felt weak ! We found this hostel in the internet at which looked very good place ! But The hostel is not hygienic and to our surprise such place can be opened as an accommodating point for foreign travellers!